Assisting self-funded companies to reduce healthcare costs

Healthcare Outcome Solutions uses innovative Patient Centered Enhanced Care (PCEC) model, a pioneering program grounded in extensive research of evidence based and outcomes studies. It is designed specifically for companies who are self-insured, to improve the care of high-cost member-patients with chronic conditions and reduce health care expenses. The PCEC model is structured to significantly reduce expenses for the employer, employees and their families while improving care.

A team oriented approach

Healthcare Outcome Solutions has developed a team approach of different disciplines to reduce healthcare cost.

HOS is composed of our own specialty team members, affiliates and consultants with expertise in medicine, communication, technology, patient care, health insurance policy and operations as well as in-depth understanding of the contining dynamic changes in health care. This team approach is critically important in creating a comprehensive, coordinated approach to the different facets of the healthcare system that affect patients and their families.​

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