As the challenges of the current COVID-19 crisis call for special attention to high-risk patients, especially the elderly, we are eager to offer a Patient Center Enhanced Care approach to assist in the care of these patients in the out-patient setting.
Through coordination with patient’s Primary Care Physician, family, care giver, other medical experts and patients themselves, this out-patient management approach can improve patient's condition, reduce hospitalization, and may create cost reduction of total care.
Special Report TIME Magazine


Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

By Steven Brill


​​"We now spend 20 percent of our GDP—an estimated $2.8 trillion for 2013—on health care. It’s time to cut through the policy debate and follow the money. A special report on why our medical bills are so expensive."

​Healthcare Outcomes Solutions

Healthcare Outcome Solutions is dedicated to assisting companies that self fund their health care to reduce costs and improve health care for their high-cost member-patients of their health plan in an outpatient setting. Our Patient Centered Enhanced Care (PCEC) model enables self-funded businesses across the United States to offer coordinated care specifically for these member-patients. With proven strategies, this innovative model has been developed by health care experts and is grounded in extensive research of evidence-based and outcomes studies.

The latest data for healthcare costs show that care coordination of the most chronically ill member-patients can improve care and reduce company’s healthcare costs significantly. As the cost of care goes up, HOS will help your company minimize health care cost on the most expensive member-patients in your health plan, who are the source of a very large part of the health care expenses.


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